1973 Valjoux 72 (726) Stingray Chronograph (400 meters)

MST 726
Stingray Chrono
726-9120 .602
Case #:
314 726
36.8mm x 43.7mm
Case Back:
Patent Press fit waterproof case, with additional seal.
Water Resistance:
The Stringray Chrono was always fitted with a 7 row NSA bracelet, with the two outer rows polished and the inner 5 rows satin finished as shown here.
Probably one of the most famous and sought after watches ever produced by Roamer. The Stingray chronographs encompassed the range from the 'Pasadina' and 'Jet-time' with a 2 register dial using the Valjoux, through to the top of the line 3 register Chrono shown on this page. This watch features the famous and desirable Valjoux 72 movement, which was fitted to many high end watches such as the Rolex Daytona, top end Heuers, Girard-Peregraux, and others.
This model of Stingray Chronograph ran from 1969 with the Valjoux 72 through to 1973/4 when they were fitted with the improved version of the Valjoux 72, the 726. As production of these calibres ended in about 1974, so did the Stingray Chronograph.
The watch featured on this page is a late model Valjoux 726, with the non tritium lume (hence green markers, rather than aged tritium brown). It was originally a 21st birthday present, and as such can be dated accurately to 1973.
All watches in my collection with calibre MST726:

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