MST 436,  437 
Ligne12''' 12'''
Cal. 436 Cal. 437 Cal. 436, 437

Remarks: A revolutionary 100% in house design and manufacture. Meyer and Stuedeli SA (MST) third in-house automatic. This calibre along with the 471 successor was the pinnacle of MST movement design. Differential gearing, 44 functional jewels and beautifully finished - this world class movement was many years ahead of the competition. Micro regulator as standard. Jewels in the 44 jewel version were allocated as follows: Movement 19, automatic winding device 8 (hole jewels), coupling clutches (2x5) 10 ruby balls, and ball bearing for rotor 7 ruby balls. Development took considerable time and demand for an automatic with date was a problem, the MST441/452 (a modified Felsa 4002/4007) was introduced as a stopgap.
Production period: 1963-1966

Jewels: 44
Beat: 21600
Winding: automatic
Manufacturer: MST
Hand sizes:
Minute: 90
Second: 20
Stem tap size: 90

MST 436 12''' (26mm) direct sweep seconds
MST 437 12''' (26mm) direct sweep seconds, date

Common parts/Interchange
Balance Staff:
MST part number:7513,  interchanges with MST: 436, 437, 470, 471
MST part number:1265 interchanges with MST: 436, 437, 470, 471
Strength: 0.10
Height: 1.40
Length: 290
Watches in my collection with the MST436:
Watches in my collection with the MST437:

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