1970 - 1973 Roamer Searock Electronic MST 916

MST 916
916-1230 .612
Case #:
191 916
37.6mm x 40mm
Case Back:
Patent waterproof 2 part case
Water Resistance:
These watches were advertised fitted with either a brown leather strap or a gold plated flat mesh bracelet.
From the very early 1970s, Roamer first started advertising the Dynatron powered watches, inlcuding the 606 (this one is a 612) these watches (including this one) appeared in catalogs between 1970 and 1973.
This watch features a Roamer MST 916 (which is really a ETA-ESA 9154 Dynotron), 20 micron gold plated, 20mm strap and with the original Roamer signed crystal. The candy stripe second hand is a lot of fun. This funkmeister arrived in a scratched and tatty state. The horrible aftermarket metal stretch band was discarded, the crystal polished and the case gently cleaned and polished with a non-abrasive silver cloth. A crazy but satisfying watch to wear.
All watches in my collection with calibre MST916:

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