1973 - 1975 NOS Roamer Micro Quartz MST 902

MST 902
902-5120 .619
Case #:
337 902
39mm x 44.3
Case Back:
Press/snap back
Water Resistance:
These watches were advertised fitted with either a blue (usually) or black perforated leather strap, that decreased from 24mm at the lugs to 16mm at the buckle. A bracelet similar but not identical to the last rockshell bracelet (but in 24mm) was also fitted - and the integrated bracelet models were fitted with their own purpose made straps, but again largely similar to the Rockshell bracelet.
This was one of the first commerical, and certainly the first generally afordable, quartz movements. It was designed and developed inhouse by MST in conjuction with General Time USA who supplied the electronics module. The Micro Quartz range was first shown in 1972 at Basel, and the range of 11 quartz watches (men's only) in 4 different case styles (excluding material) was on sale to the public in 1973. The cases included the 619 of this watch, the more conventional 321, the integrated strap model 618 and the compressor cased 403.
The watch shown here is NOS, and has never had a battery fitted, nor the hands adjusted - this is straight from the factory floor, and prior to boxing.
It is a fascinating movement with a conventional escapement, but instead of a balance wheel or more conventional quartz stepper motor, uses a quartz controlled anchor/lever with a pallets.
All watches in my collection with calibre MST902:

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