1973 - 76 Rhodesian Issue - Roamer Anfibio MST 520 17 Jewel

MST 520
520-1120 .016
Case #:
218 520
35mm x 40mm
Case Back:
Patent 2 piece waterproof case.
Water Resistance:
20mm brown bush strap with leather cover.
This is a Rhodesian Issue Roamer from the bush war, 1964-1979. These watches came either with an RA, Z, ZA, or ZA and SFA dual issue markings (this one). The watches (as do all 52X movements) feature a hack on the seconds wheel. It is likely that the watches were sourced via South Africa due to import restrictions on Rhodesia during this period.
This watch has been gently restored - it came with a broken crystal, bent hands, non original crown, missing rehaut/dial ring, an incorrect upper incablock jewel, and bent forth (seconds) wheel. The crystal, crown and rehaut were intentionally sourced from a period correct donor, rather than from new. The hands have been straightened, repainted and relumed with vintage coloured lume. The lume and hand paint were closely matched to the remaining material on the hands, but is probably still a little fresh. The slightly short second hand seems to be symptomatic of these watches. No work has been done to the dial - it remains completely original.
Service History:
19/11/12 Hands straightened, repainted and relumed with vintage coloured lume.
15/04/12 Replaced cracked crystal, non original crown, missing rehaut, incorrect upper incablock jewel, and bent seconds wheel.
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