1969 Mustang Scientist 28 jewel MST 471

MST 471
471-1120 .601
Case #:
170 471
34.5mm x 41.8mm
Case Back:
Patent waterproof 2 part case
Water Resistance:
In 1967 advertised with black lizard straps. In 1969 black Corfam strap, or 7 row NSA bracelet with signed clasp in both gold and stainless versions. From 1970 Mustangs were only shown with NSA 7 row bracelets.
Mustangs were produced between 1967 and 1975 with at least five different movements and 3 different case styles.
The Mustang Scientist shown here was most likely produced in 1969 as it is marked Pm on the dial. It features the 28 jewel MST 471, the Scientist is not listed in any available catalogs, but several examples are known to exist.
This style of Mustang (the 601 case) features a patent waterproof case and rotated semi-hidden crown at 4 o'clock. The Mustang started in 1967 with two case styles and two movements, the date only models with the 44 jewel MST 471 and the day-date (D+D) using the MST 477 (modified and Roamer finished ETA 2538). From 1969 the 28 jewel version of the MST 471 was fitted to the D+D models, in addition the 303 case was advertised (like this 301, but with hidden lugs). The 303 case was advrtised in 1966 as part of the new Stingray range, it appears then to have become in 1967 part of the Mustang range. The 301 and 303 cases were only available in stainless steel cases, and in 1970 the 301 case was dropped and only the 601 and 303 cases were listed. Between 1971 and 1973 there was an electronic version fitted with the MST916 (ESA 9154) that does not appear in the catalogs. In the 1974-75 catalog the Mustang is shown as a date only stainless steel version with the new MST522 automatic calibre, in addition this case style is now also shown as part of the anfibio range, but only in gold plate (on brown leather). In the 1976-77 catalog the Mustang is gone, but the case style remained as part of the anfibio range, fitted with the MST 522 movement.
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