1967-68 Roamer Rotopower MST 470 Transitional Cushion Case

MST 470
Case #:
158 470
34mm x 38.7mm
Case Back:
Patent waterproof 2 part case
Water Resistance:
This watch was advertised on a black lizard band.
The MST 470 was the successor to the 436, it is essentially the same movement - but with modifications to the rotor bearing assembly. This is the only 470 in my collection, and while worn is good looking. The cushion case is transitional between the squared lugs of the mid 1960s, and the larger cushion cases of the 1970s and could be called the father of the Mustang. This one dates to 1966, due to the batton hands, dial logo - and the earlier style back.
All watches in my collection with calibre MST470:

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