1964 - 1966 Roamer Rotopower 44 Jewel MST 436 Partial Arabic Dial

MST 436
Case #:
147 436
Case Back:
Patent waterproof 2 part case
Water Resistance:
This watch was advertised on a black lizard band.
This is a rare version of the MST 436 - which is in itself uncommon. This particular one has the lovely correct hands, the parital arabic dial is uncommon and the colours are coordinated with the stainless of the case. Although this one has seen fair use I have not and will not polish the case. I have replaced the crystal, unfortunately the lower dome original is no longer available. The MST 436 movement is best that Roamer ever made, and it appears it was only in production for a very short period of time before being replaced by the near identical (but slightly less well finished - dial side only) Calibre 470.
All watches in my collection with calibre MST436:

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