1949-52 Roamer Calendar MST 416 17 Jewel.

MST 416
Chrome plate with stainless steel back
Case Back:
Snap back
Water Resistance:
nil, dust proof
18mm strap, sewn tan pigskin
This is the uncommon calendar with the blue calendar dates and pointer. It is shown here as found. It is not the situation that a chrome case goes with the blue numbered dial, as most chrome examples also have a red numbered dial. However, the few examples of blue dials all appear so far in chrome cases. In this example the star gear on the back of the day disk has sliped, making the date skew in the window - this is trivial to repair, and is not a major concern. The date quickset is operated by a pusher on the side of the watch near the crown. The movement is based on the MST 401, and is itself robust and long lived, although the cannon pinion wears as there is no day quickset.
All watches in my collection with calibre MST416:

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