1949-52 Roamer Calendar MST 416 17 Jewel.

MST 416
Gold plate with stainless steel back
Case Back:
Snap back
Water Resistance:
nil, dust proof
18mm strap, sewn tan pigskin
A very early Roamer Calendar - with art deco dial indicative of the late 1940s to very early 1950s. This is the only example of a Roamer calendar with this dial that I have seen - the rest featuring the smooth dials as shown on the other calanders in my collection (I have quite a few). Although it is unrestored and not in perfect condition, I have included it here for reference due to its rarity. It is worth stressing that Roamer never made these with a black dial, and those with are usually the product of a redial - often from India. The date quickset is operated by a pusher on the side of the watch near the crown. The MST416 movement is based on the MST 401 with a calendar module added to the dial plate.
All watches in my collection with calibre MST416:

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