1952 - 1955 NOS Roamer Calendar MST 416 17 Jewel.

MST 416
Gold plate with stainless steel back
Case Back:
Snap back
Water Resistance:
nil, dust proof
18mm strap, sewn tan pigskin
Incredible NOS Roamer Calendar with single day window and a quicket date pointer. This one has the original spring bars, has never had a strap fitted, nor worn in the 60 years since it was made. The date quickset is operated by a pusher on the side of the watch near the crown. The movement is based on the MST 401, and is itself robust and long lived. Sometimes the star gear on the back of the day disk slips, making the date skew in the winodw - this is trivial to repair, and is not a major concern. As the day window is not quickset - these, like many calendar watches will have very worn cannon pinions and the hands may not carry (but will set loosely).
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