1963 - 1966 Roamer 17 Jewel MST 414

MST 414
20 Micron gold plate over brass, stainless steel back.
136 414
Case Back:
Type II - patent waterproof 2 part case
Water Resistance:
18mm black leather strap
A nice 35mm mid 1960s Roamer, patent waterproof case, simple dial with lume dots to the dial retainer/index ring in Pm (Promethium) rather than Radium. My first Roamer restoration and my first complete restoration of a wrist watch, done in September 2010. It had a broken set bridge, missing crown and stem, and most importantly the seconds pinion was broken and second hand was missing. The dial and case were in great condition - but the crystal was so scratched up you could barely see through it. The entire watch looked horrible on eBay and was bought purely for parts, but once I saw that dial, I had to save it. Movement was totally stripped, cleaned, oiled and replacement parts fitted. Crystal was salvageable much to my surprise, but was worth the effort as it is an original signed one.
Service History:
17/09/10 Broken set bridge, missing crown and stem, seconds pinion broken and second hand missing. Full service.
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