1949 - 1952 15 Jewel 38mm cased MST 372

MST 372
Chrome plated bass.
Case Back:
Snap back.
Water Resistance:
nil, dust proof
18mm leather strap, brown or black.
This watch is gigantic for the period and it has the most delightful bronzed numerals, markers and hands. Featuring an MST 372 with 15 Jewels and no shock-resist. A very early watch for this style, dial and hands were typical of the incomming 1950s ranges - yet you would be hard pressed to find an MST 372 without shock-resist after 1951/2. Reinforcing this early date is the escape wheel cap jewel, which was significantly redesigned in the 1950s 372 movements.
Service History:
27/12/10 Full service.
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