1944 Roamer 17 Jewel MST 372

MST 372
Chrome plated brass with stainless steel back.
Case Back:
Seperate bezel and movement holder with integral dust cover - essentially a dust proof version of the patent waterproof case, but without the need for a 2 part stem.
Water Resistance:
nil, dust proof.
18mm leather strap, most likely in tan pigskin.
This is the earliest known MST 372 with a verifiable production date. This watch is in its original unrestored state - and is a good example of the two tone brushed metalic dials of the early 1940s. Another feature is the rose-gold hands that are seen on many 1940s and 1950s Roamers - regardless of the case material. The case is a dustproof design with shield, and bears some design elements in common with the later waterproof designs. One significant advantage of this design is that the stem and crown can be fitted prior to casing the movement. The only work done on this watch has been a new crystal due to the original being cracked and a period reproduction strap. Lume in the hands and on the dial is original.
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