1938 - 1944 Roamer 15 Jewel MST 352

MST 352
Chrome plated brass with stainless steel back.
Case Back:
Three part case, with snap back.
Water Resistance:
nil, dust proof only.
18mm lug, probably dark pigskin - but definitely not what is fitted in these photos.
A very late 1930s to early 1940s watch, with elements of Bauhaus design - especially the hands, but the dial minute track is to busy for a pure Bauhaus design. The movement is an MST352 which was introduced in the late 1930s, the logo was trademarked in 1938, and the subdial is consistent with watches no later than 1944, plus 15 jewels are very rare after WW2. All up, an early WW2 period - non military style. The dial is in fantastic and original condition.
The gremlins had been at play on this poor watch, someone had drilled extra lug holes for spring bars - greatly weakening the lugs as the material left was micro-thin, and when the watch arrived, both lugs had bent up and were mangled. The lugs were repaired with silver solder and the fixed bar replaced, ideally the fixed bar would be chromed, but once the strap is on, you can't tell - and I don't want to re-chrome the case as a lot of original detail would be lost.
I believe that crown is original.
Service History:
21/11/12Lugs repaired, fixed bar replaced, movement serviced, new mainspring - otherwise all original including dial and hands.
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