1927-30 Roamer 7 Jewel MST 264

MST 264
30mm, 32mm eff. (10 and 4)
Rolled and Chromium Plated.
Case Back:
Snap back.
Water Resistance:
Recommended: 16mm lugs, probably sold on a tan pig skin strap.
This watch is typical of the late 1920s, with a strong stylistic similarity to many US products of the time. The watch features a black enameled decorative bezel with a fancy dial, lume to numerals and hands. This Roamer was intended for the US market - and is quite different to the staid watches sold in the UK.
There are some strong dial styling commonalities between this watch, and a later example of the MST175 calibre also from my collection. In particular, the subdial styling, numerals and lume treatment are identical. They no doubt belong to the same period of manufacture.
It is probably one of the first models fitted with the then new 12 ligne MST264, in this case with a 7 jewel version.
This watch needed only a gentle restoration, including a new balance staff and set of three hands (the hands are a close match and period NOS).
Service History:
25/05/12 Movement fully serviced, new balance fitted. All three hands replaced.
All watches in my collection with calibre MST264:

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