1938 - 1942 NOS Roamer 15 Jewel MST 264

MST 264
Stainless Steel
Case Back:
Screw back.
Water Resistance:
Recommended: 16mm lugs, and would look good on a WWII period Kahki strap.
This watch is features a very nicely finished MST264, including an early shock resist mechanism, antimagnetic hairspring, compensated balance, separate three finger train bridge and Geneva striping. The logo on the dial dates it to after 1938, although the 264 calibre was introduced around 1927. The movement has additional engraved import marks to meet the US import regulations introduced in 1934 - these marks include the spelling out of 15 jewels, and the importer's code FXU for Louis Aisenstein and Bros. (importers of Roamer, amongst others) - it was probably cased in the USA, in a locally made case. Produced in the military style - most likely for private purchase during the WWII period.
This watch appears to be NOS, there are no signs of case wear, fitment of a strap, or service marking of the screw heads on the movement.
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