1927-1933 NOS Roamer cut-corner square

MST 253
26mm (31mm effective)
Rolled plate
Case Back:
Snap on back.
Water Resistance:
Recommended: 16mm strap, period leather strap or metal bracelet.
A square MST 253 based watch, 6 jewels, 2 Adjusts - with a 2 tone silver dial. It is in a heavily decorated case, made by the La Salle Watch Case Company. The watch most likely dates from the later 1920s, and is a close match in style for various US products of the time such as the Bulova Conqueror (later renamed the lone eagle). The corner engravings would have originally been filled, remnants of this can still be made out. The watch was most likely NOS, although there is some dial degradation/dirt from improper storage with no crystal, this has since been replaced.
All watches in my collection with calibre MST253:

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