1918 Roamer 13 Jewel MST 175 Trench Watch

MST 175
Case Back:
Single snap back
Water Resistance:
Tan pigskin Kitchener Strap, or tan single piece strap likely.
This is the second model trench watch - this time using the new MST175 movement (prior model used the 157), the case hallmarked to 1918 - which was the year of the introduction of this important 13 ligne wristwatch calibre. The reaso the MST175 was an important calibre, is that it appears to the the first wrist watch calibre designed and manufactured post merger with Tieche-Gammater, it remained in production for at least 10 years, and set the 'family style' - which the later larger sized movements followed until after WW2.
This watch is in a Bascine sterling silver case, with military style lumed dial and hands. The watch is presented here in - as found condition. It is currently not running, and will recieve a gentle restoration. There is dial damage around the 3-4 numerals caused by careless opening of the case.
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