1927-28 Roamer Non-Magnetic Trench Watch

MST 175
LTG rolled gold plate - 10 year
Case Back:
Hinged back
Water Resistance:
18mm plain leather band.
This watch was likely produced around 1927 (when casemaking was moved inhouse), as the case is marked LTG, which was a Roamer trademark (Tiega), and is, by the way, most often seen in rolled gold cases. The cursive Roamer script on the fired enamel dial, does not appear in any trademark documents, yet is featured on a number of watches, and is of identical style to Medana watches of the 1920s.
Tissot claim that they were the first producers of an anti-magnetic wrist watch, in 1930. To my mind this has always seemed late, as non-magnetic (pocket) watches had been patented in the mid 1888s, indeed I own a Waltham non-magnetic pocket watch from 1893. I now have several silver hallmarked Roamers (one MST175 and one MST264) hallmarked at 1927 and 1929 respecitively with the same dial marked non-magnetic. I find it impossible to believe Tissot's claim of precedence. More details when the watches are added to the on-line collection.
All watches in my collection with calibre MST175:

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