1927 - 1928 NOS Roamer 15 Jewel MST 175

MST 175
Case Back:
Single hinged back.
Water Resistance:
The watch has 17mm lugs, and as the watch is NOS and the strap is sewn on, it is possibly the original.
This is a singular and very decorative mans (34mm) Roamer watch. The metal dial is radially machined, giving a stunning finish effect. The red 12 suggests earlier in the decade, likewise the solid nickel case with hinged back also suggests an earlier date, while the styling is somewhat evocative of the later 1920s. Another stand-out feature of this watch is the gilt finish to the movement - indicating better level of finishing, and normally indicating an earlier watch. Final dating determined by the non-magnetic hairspring to be not earlier than 1927.
There are some strong dial styling commonalities between this watch, and early examples of the MST264 calibre. In particular, the subdial styling, numerals and lume treatment are identical. They no doubt belong to the same period of manufacture.
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