1918 - 1927 Roamer 6 Jewel (2 Adj) MST 175 Trench Watch

MST 175
33mm (34.5mm effective)
Case Back:
Snap back
Water Resistance:
Recommended: 22mm brown leather pilot strap or plain sewn on 22mm leather band.
The style of case is called a 'paris square' - with full width wire lugs and is often associated with aviator's especially when with a black dial. The paris square watches were worn on a conventional strap, whereas the more comon 'bascine' round case with narrow wire lugs were worn on a Kitchener strap. Both styles were in common use during the WWI period through to the end of the 1920s, and still made into the 1930s. This watch is most likely from the early 1920s, with an enamal dial, red 12, and cathederal hands. That said, it could be as early as 1918, although it cannot have been made any later than 1927 as the dial side of the movement does not carry the triangular MST logo. At present, it is not possible to be more accurate with dates. This watch has the lowest specification movement Roamer produced, in a plain nickel movement finish with the dial side cap jewel being steel (a common practice in early swiss wristwatches).
I have recently finished restoration on this watch - shown here are some of the steps.
Service History:
20/01/12 Full service, new mainspring, ratchet wheel screw, fabricated click spring and crystal - lume to minute hand (only).
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