1916-18 Roamer Trench Watch

MST 13
Case Back:
Water Resistance:
This is a place holder, for the 1915-1918 examples that are currently being worked on. There are 5 or 6 watches that will be included for the calibre and a much more comprehensive treatment will be featured. These are the earliest wrist watch production from Roamer and are quite hard to find. The examples here have been collected over a 15 year period. If you click on the claibre, there is quite a lot of information there about this calibre in general. What is interesting to me, is that it is quite clear that MST was feeling their way with a new calibre, there are several production changes in the span on just a few years, and the calibre only lasted 3-4 years before being replaced by the revised MST175 - which can be considered the 2nd generation of the 13 Ligne calibre. There are a lot of technical updates between these two calibres, and the 13 is a much older design whereas the 175 was very much up to date for a 1918 calibre. I have seen the odd example of the MST175 in cases hallmarked even earlier, but these are certainly recased, the 175 was not produced before 1918 and was a much more modern design - as should be clear from this discussion.
All watches in my collection with calibre MST13:

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