MST 413,  414,  415,  430 
Ligne10.5''' 11.5''' 10.5''' 11.5'''
Cal. 414

Remarks: Direct replacement for the MST 371/372 - but considerably thinner. Well finished, with micro regulator as standard, kif to escape wheel and date option (not available for the 371/372). It was in production slightly earlier than the automatic MST 436, which was the other half of the MST/Roamer movement line revamp for the start of the 1960s. Both calibre families were part of a strong move upmarket by Roamer. Calibre family was replaced by the MST 520/521 in 1973.
There is some confusion over the MST 415 calibre number. In the 1953 datasheets the MST 415 is listed as the small 10.5 ligne version of the MST 416 Calendar day-date pointer movement. In the later 1961 datasheet the MST 413, 414 and 430 are are added (note, no MST 415). In a 1966 catalogue update the MST 415 is now shown as a 10.5 ligne date version of the MST 430. These movements are fundamentially different, my original thoughts on this was that the MST 415 movement number was allocated, but then perhaps not manufactured, hence the reuse of the number. This is treated inconsistently amongst parts suppliers, and isn't typical of MST. If you have a calibre in either form marked MST 415 please contact me with some photos, it would be great to unravel this mystery.
Production period: 1961-1973

Jewels: 17
Beat: 18000
Winding: manual
Manufacturer: MST
Hand sizes:
Minute: 90
Second: 20
Stem tap size: 90

MST 413 10.5''' (23.3mm) direct sweep seconds
MST 414 11.5''' (25.6mm) direct sweep seconds
MST 415 10.5''' (23.3mm) direct sweep seconds, date
MST 430 11.5''' (25.6mm) direct sweep seconds, date

Common parts/Interchange
Balance Staff:
MST part number:7504,  interchanges with MST: 413, 414, 415, 430
MST part number:1265 interchanges with MST: 413, 414, 415, 430
Strength: 0.105
Height: 1.32
Length: 310
Watches in my collection with the MST414:
Watches in my collection with the MST430:

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