MST 402 
Cal. 402

Remarks: This movement is a large manual wristwatch calibre, possibly intended to fill a similar niche to the famous Omega 30. Used in oversized watches with a sub second (centre second can use smaller calibres) so that the sub second dial is the appropriate distance between the hands and the dial edge. It bears the same design as the 400 and 401 calibres, but this is deceptive as no parts are interchangeable with the smaller calibre family. Incabloc was introduced in the 1950s for this calibre, and a special staff produced for chronometre grade 402 movements. Speaking of chronometres, only this movement and the MST 428 are listed in chronomtre grade.
Production period: 1949-1960

Jewels: 17
Beat: 18000
Winding: manual
Manufacturer: MST
Hand sizes:
Minute: 80
Second: 19
Stem tap size: 120

MST 402 13.25''' (30mm) Largest wristwatch calibre.

Common parts/Interchange
Multiple balance staffs possible:
MST part number:7473,  interchanges with MST: nil
MST part number:7484,  interchanges with MST: nil (inca)
MST part number:7507,  interchanges with MST: nil (Chronometre)
MST part number:1266 interchanges with MST: nil
Strength: 1.4
Height: 1.70
Length: 350
Watches in my collection with the MST402:

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