MST 373 

Remarks: This was nominally a ladies calibre, however it was also used in the Men's Competence ancestor linked below.
Production period: 1944 to 1958

Jewels: 17
Beat: 18000
Winding: manual
Manufacturer: MST
Hand sizes:
Minute: 80
Second: 19
Stem tap size: 90

MST 373 8.75''' (19.40mmmm) Direct centre second

Common parts/Interchange
Multiple balance staffs possible:
MST part number:7432 (plain),  interchanges with MST: nil
MST part number:7471 (inca),  interchanges with MST: nil
MST part number:1227.1 interchanges with MST: nil
Strength: 0.0825
Height: 150
Length: 240
Watches in my collection with the MST373:

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