MST 371,  372 
Ligne10.5''' 11.5'''

Remarks: A very long lived and very successful calibre design. This calibre family replaced the indirect second MST 352 s.c. and MST 364 s.c. in or around 1944, and was used largely unchanged until replaced by the MST 413/4 calibre family in or around 1962. The movement went through a number of variations in the shock-resist design, from plain, shock-resist (SR), and super-shock-resist (SSR I) and incaloc(SSR II). Shock-resist was probably available from earliest production and super-shock-resist and incaloc were both available before 1949, possibly soon after WWII (speculation). Interestingly this movement was copied by the Beijing Watch Factory as their first calibre - these BS-1 movements were made between 1958 and 62 in a very small quantity, less than 4000.
Production period: 1944 to 1962

Jewels: 15 or 17
Beat: 18000
Winding: manual
Manufacturer: MST
Hand sizes:
Minute: 80
Second: 20
Stem tap size: 90

MST 371 10.5''' (23.40mm) direct center second
MST 372 11.5''' (23.40mm) direct center second

Common parts/Interchange
Multiple balance staffs possible:
MST part number:7442 (plain),  interchanges with MST: 371, 372
MST part number:7443 (SR + SSR I),  interchanges with MST: 371, 372
MST part number:7517 (inca - SSR II),  interchanges with MST: 371, 372
MST part number:1213 interchanges with MST: 351, 352, 360,364, 371, 372, 400, 401, 416
Strength: 0.1025
Height: 155
Length: 300
Watches in my collection with the MST372:

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