1918 Roamer Trench Watch

MST 157
Case Back:
Water Resistance:
Recommended: 10mm brown leather Kitchener strap or plain 10mm leather band.
In a Silver case with hallmarks of 1918, and MST 13''' 13 jewel calibre, unsigned dial. This is the another of the first Roamer wrist watch production from 1918. The silver case has a false knurled bezel, to imply a semi-hermetic screw design when it is simply a snap fitted bezel. The single hinged back would not have been considered dust proof at the time, but is well fitting and nicely made. The watch was imported into the UK (hence the UK import date marks) by George Stockwell (G.S.). Although Meyer and Studeli had set up the London branch in 1915 it is likely they were using existing importers at this time - as was frequent practice by many other Swiss brands. These photos show some steps in my restoration of this time piece, I have for now decided to retain the miniute hand which is an ancient handmade replacement.
Service History:
17/01/12 Full service and clean.
All watches in my collection with calibre MST157:

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