1918 Roamer Trench Watch

MST 157
Case Back:
Water Resistance:
Recommended: 10mm brown leather Kitchener strap or plain 10mm leather band.
In a Silver case with hallmarks of 1918, and MST 13''' 13 jewel calibre, signed dial. To the best of my knowledge this is the first generation of Roamer wrist watch made, and along with its twin (next) plus another seen are the oldest wrist watch examples - although no doubt there are pocket watches up to 10 years older. The watch was imported into the UK by George Stockwell in 1918 and then later engraved in 1924 in a dedication to probably the second owner. The restoration of this watch is problematic due to the poor condition of the dial and missing parts including the cannon pinion and minute wheel. These parts are not available, and although I have managed to identify some candidates, they will need modification.
All watches in my collection with calibre MST157:

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